Women’s Fitness Q&A

The following women’s fitness question(s) are followed by their respective answer(s). This section will grow with time.

Question: Do women obtain the same benefits from exercise as men?


While many studies showing the positive effects of exercise have been done with men, studies that have included women indicate that women may benefit even more than men from being physically fit. Early indications show the reduced rates of death by heart disease are higher for women who are physically fit than for men. Thus, exercise for women is very beneficial and at least of the same value and benefit. Also, women that do not exercise are at double the risk of dying from heart disease than women who do exercise, just as women who smoke are at double risk of dying from heart disease than women who don’t smoke. While women may live longer than men, they don’t necessarily live better. Research studies also indicate that elderly women who have been physically inactive experience more disability in their daily function than women who have been active.

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