Busy Spring & Summer

I want to apologize to our readers for the lapse in posts and comments these past few months. As many of you are aware, I have been heavily involved in hemp production and CBD extraction to help others with health issues. Actually, I have been doing work in the area for the past seven years.

During the past seven years, I have vertically integrated a 1,200 acre farm in Colorado where we do everything on a from seed to sale basis, growing hemp organically with no chemical additives, weed or insect control. I have focused on field and greenhouse production, feminized seed, genetics, CBD extraction from the hemp flower, distillation, product formulation and labeling, and retail sales, as well as R&D.

On the extraction side, I have a patent pending on my layered extraction process and also extraction-facility design, which is a self-contained laboratory. Originally, I designed 6 different facility production capacities. However, due to the advent of new equipment, I have narrowed that to a 2,000 lb/day flower processing capacity and a 4,000 lb/day facility; the latter can be increased to 16,000 lbs/day. Within the process, I tossed everything aside and started from scratch. The end result was achieving an extraction level of 98% plus and generally 99%. This means that I can extract the flower and leave less than 1% of CBD, the essential oil, in the residual flower. As a matter of fact, the last few runs had 0% CBD remaining in the original flower. Revenue speaking, this will yield approximately $80,000 more per acre that what most extractors are able to achieve and, the 4,000 lb/day unit is capable of grossing a minimum of $45M per year with only a 20-25% operational cost, netting 75%+ of the gross. This is based on a five day work week, one shift per day.

The improvements in processing and facility design I have achieved can be put into a brief synopsis as follows:

  1. Patent Pending Proprietary Extraction Process and Facility Design;
  2. Less than 1% CBD left in residual, extracted flower (means $80k/ac more revenue returns);
  3. Producing 60%+ CBD Content in Crude Oil;
  4. Increased Capacity, Up to 2,000 Kg per Day (expandable to 7,250 kg/day);
  5. Performance, Layered Extraction Process;
  6. Rapid ETOH Displacement;
  7. Reduced Chilling Time from 8 hours to 30 min with proprietary ‘super chiller’;
  8. 30%-40% Greater Extraction Efficiency; and
  9. A Self-Contained Extraction Platform that can Co-Locate with Any Grower.

In addition to the design, I have had proprietary equipment designed to work with the facility capacity that allows cooling to super-critical levels within 20-30 minutes. It’s been a lot of fun. As a result of all of this, I’m building my own facility in Oregon (some pics below). But, again, I apologize for the lack of posts and hope to stay more on top of things moving forward.

Extraction Facility at base stage.
A little further along.
Poly-carbonate roof to let in more light.
Finished Facility – 4,000 lb/day processing capacity.
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