Those Who Are More Fit Survive Better

How would you change your fitness routine if there were no electricity? For an example, many fitness buffs use programs such as Apple Fitness and others where they can follow along, emulating a trainer performing a specific exercise. Too often, people follow rather than lead and when you do this in fitness, you end up mimicking someone more than knowing what you are actually doing and why. If you rely on internet-based exercise services, you need to, at minimum, know how to properly perform the exercise because if there were a power outage for an extended period of time, which is looking more and more likely, you’ll need to drastically alter your exercise programs. And, as one of our goals, we want you to be your own fitness and nutrition expert. It is imperative!

Let’s look at an example of what I’m talking about.

Energy drives industrialized societies – homes, businesses, governments, and infrastructure. If you have no electricity, how will you run your lights, furnace, AC, phone, electric car, fill up at a gas station, etc.? How will you perform Internet-serviced fitness programs such as those mentioned above? Are you prepared? The failure of the power grid can be localized due to storms or regional due to a solar flare, EMP, or other event. Our current power grid is very vulnerable. Should a major failure occur, you would be back to the 1840s in the blink of an eye using wood for cooking and heating, and candle light for reading at night. Your day would be working during daylight and sleeping at night. You need look no further than the recent California storms in San Bernadino County where some locations received almost 10 feet of snow that stranded residents and broke power lines. Your electricity can go out at any time and could leave you in a very perilous situation. Every home and business can be affected. The figure below, illustrates the cascading effects of this process. Along with energy, telecommunications will shut down. Most people do not realize that cell towers are equipped with emergency generators, typically diesel. However, these generators have only a 24-hour supply. Unless those operating these cell towers have above ground or hand-pumped diesel tanks, the towers will shut down because gas stations will not run without power, which means that your cell phone even if charged, will generally only work for a 24–36-hour period after the power is gone. This is not something generally talked about in the news media, which will ensure that only those who pay attention to such problems will be prepared, which can lead to very dire consequences. And when this happens, good bye Internet fitness.

So, how would you do a follow along fitness program when you no longer have access to it? The power grid is vulnerable and a large solar flare could disable great portions of it. Thinking about natural fitness and the benefits it offers is important. Consider natural body exercises that you can easily transition to in event of or during an electrical blackout. Some of these include push ups, pull ups, jogging, sprinting, box jumping, lunges, split-squat jumps, dips, jumping jacks, toe touches, and many, many others, none of which require electricity to follow along with a trainer.

If you get caught and stranded in a large snow storm such as those recently in California and where power failed for several days, it would be necessary to be weaned from follow along with Internet fitness. While such fitness programs are fun and convenient, mix up your fitness program so you are better prepared for such an issue. I know what you’re thinking, that it will never happen. You should rethink your attitude. Also, try a wilderness fitness course such at that taught by, you will be glad you did. It is like I have said before, people who are more fit, perform better at everything, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Have a Happy and Healthy Day.

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