Nutrition is the provision, to the body, of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with good nutrition. Over 90 percent of today’s ailments and diseases can usually be linked to poor, lifelong nutrition. Poor diets can have an injurious impact on health (especially as you age), causing deficiency diseases such as scurvy, beriberi, and kwashiorkor; health-threatening conditions like obesity and metabolic syndrome, and such common chronic systemic diseases as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Most of these can put you in a high risk category for heart attack or stroke.

MyHealthandFitness will empower you to become your own nutrition expert and, you will know more about nutrition than most medical professionals with some study. You will learn that the human body, for good nutrition, needs nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water), antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and phytochemicals. MyHealthandFitness will help teach you what these are and how they relate to a balanced diet, which must consist of all the nutrients in a required proportion with water and roughage.

While you already are familiar with junk food, a slang name for food items containing limited nutritional value, you will learn more about them and why generally, you should avoid these foods most of the time. These foods are high in salts, fats, sugar, and calories, and low in nutrient content. Lack of nutrients can cause a great many deficiencies. But, you will also learn how to incorporate them healthily into your diet if you must eat them occasionally while on the go.

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