My Health Express | April 2018


Stay Motivated when You’re Not Losing Weight

Have you reached the point when you work hard then, harder, but are still not losing weight? This is a common problem for many people. Don’t fret the small stuff. You need to visualize the new you, stick with your goals, be positive and reward yourself for positivity and hard work, and never quit. Contrary...


Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Are you like a great many who simply become weary of trying to lose weight? It’s not only about losing it, but it’s also about keeping it off. Like the other articles in this issue of My Health Express, we’re going to give you 10 tips to shed those pounds and keep them off. The...


Don’t Wander the Gym: Design Your Own Program

The amount of time you spend training needs to be maximized for efficiency. Whether a competitor or not, you need to work efficiently and effectively during a workout. This article is written for professional athletes, but the average gym buff can benefit from it as well. Almost every day I see people walking aimlessly around...


Eat Healthy on a Budget

Everyone that shops know that the healthier the food, the more the cost. And yet, the USDA and others urge us to eat healthy when, in fact, most people struggle with sufficient funds to do so. Is there a work around? Here are 10 tips to eat healthy on a budget: 1. Look for Store...

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