My Health Express | December 2017


Succeed with your 2018 Fitness Resolutions

What was your 2017 health resolution? Did you keep it? If you’re like most Americans, we lost millions of pounds, but gained over 80% of it back. While some did keep their resolution, and are now thinner and fitter, for many it was a bitter defeat. So, how do you really keep a fitness and...


Simple and Smart Training for the New Year!

Do you want to get fit for the new year, but hate going to the gym? Let’s talk about just using body-weight exercises (BWE) to get fit and strong. If you want to be in the best shape ever you need to take the time to build a solid fitness foundation for the rest of...


Family Health Resolutions – 2018

What is a resolution anyway? A resolution is firm decision to do or not do something. To achieve a resolution, you need to reduce or separate it into achievable components, i.e., goals. Are you thinking about your family’s health resolution instead of just your own for 2018? January 1 will be upon us sooner than...


9 Tips for Diet and Nutrition Resolutions

Do you want to lose weight for the New Year? Believe it or not, that is the first goal on the list of most resolutions – to lose weight. Additionally, also to eat better and healthier. When it’s resolution time, the first thing on your list may be to lose weight and eat more healthfully....

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