My Health Express | October 2017


Muscle Building Supplements – How Safe Are They?

It is likely that “How can I build muscle, lose fat, and boost my performance?” is the most common question in the fitness world. This question has generated hundreds of magazine titles, thousands of Internet pages and billions of dollars to the manufacturers of such products. A great many, too many, risk their health to...


Jump Start Your Fitness Program

Before you realize it, soon, the new year, when everyone makes goals they attempt to keep, especially in fitness, will be upon us. This is when a great many will make resolutions for health and fitness goals, which is always a common discussion at the beginning of each year. However, do not wait for a...


Evaluate Your Progress

One of the primary responsibilities as a personal or professional trainer is to discuss the goals that a client has and to assist him or her in developing a program and strategy that will allow those goals to be achieved. To determine where the client is in regard to the goals set requires an individual...


Energy Expenditure versus Physical Activity

All physical activities are not the same. Physical activities differ greatly in the amount of calories they burn and, larger muscles, when worked hard, burn more calories than smaller muscles. This is one reason why, if you run short of time in the gym, you should work the larger muscles first because you’ll get the...

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