My Health Express | February 2018


Tom the Golfer

Would you like to improve your golf game by increasing your drive 20 to 30 yards or more? Would you like to improve your focus during 18 holes of play, increase your precision during tee off and for the short game, improve posture, and have better club control? It’s all about using the entire body....


Tips for Avoiding Osteoporosis

With aging comes the risk of osteoporosis. Are you worried? Osteoporosis is an illness in which you lose mineral density in your bones. As your bones lose density, they become weak with a greater potential for breaking. The public generally believes it to be only a risk that affects women; this is far from the...


Physiology of Stretching

When was the last time you stretched your muscles well? Stretching should be an integral part of any training program, whether you’re a bodybuilder, martial artist, pro-football athlete, or the average fitness buff. Too often, we spend all kinds of time on building those muscles, improving cardio, or burning calories, but at the same time,...


Enchantment of Mushrooms

Now that the holiday season is over many people are looking to lose all those extra pounds they put on. They ate unhealthy foods for the most part during the holidays such as too much wine, alcohol, candy, etc. and are now looking for healthy options to add to their diet. And, while we do...

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