What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?

Any definition of beauty really depends on who you ask. There is of course, the age-old adage that beauty is happiness.

In some cultures, talking about women, the preference is for the voluptuous type, dark hair and eyes, and smooth skin. For other cultures a woman’s beauty can be defined by blue eyes, blonde hair, and ‘built like a brick house’ stature. Thus, depending on where one is and when they are in time, from days long past until the present, beauty has and still does vary considerably.

However, have trained a 22-member fitness and figure team and working with countless other clients, beauty really boils down to what you think about yourself. What do you think about yourself? Are you happy with the way you look? Do you wish that you looked different, were slimmer, heavier, etc.? Real beauty is what you think about yourself. If you like what you look like and how you feel about yourself inwardly then, you are absolutely stunning. Your opinion is what matters most.

The inner self, regardless of what it is will radiate outward and no matter how young or old, no matter how you may rate by others on a scale, the inner self will determine your beauty because it is what makes you feel the way you do about yourself. So again, how do you feel about you?

Does your inner self burst through forming an outward smile such that when you walk into a room you light it up because there is, in itself – that light that shines through and is contagious? It does, and often it goes unnoticed by you but, you have your moments and they show through; your soul becomes immediately attractive to others, not necessarily in a sexual way, but in a way that makes him or her that you meet feel better about themselves and most of all glad that you brightened their day. Such moments in time, regardless of culture or geography will make you feel good and most of all they are memorable to those who experience them. That is beauty because skin fades and sags with age, but the inner beauty remains. And, as I notice older people, inner beauty is classy and always remains, even making the aged more beautiful in years.

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If you follow the trending news, beauty is the beautiful actress walking down the red carpet, the singer in the gold dress on stage, the model walking down the runway, or the beauty queen at the pageant. But take away the pomp and glamour and the makeup and what remains? Would you rather strive for that beauty look on the runway or build the inner beauty that lasts a lifetime and that will always attract? Thus, we see that beauty is greatly distorted in our society because many really do not know what true beauty is.

If you have truly experienced your inner beauty, you will find that you are most happy in circumstances like those described above, or when you hold hands with your friend or lover, or the sweet simplicity of meeting and talking to others and helping them. The memories you have of beauty will not come from that perfect weave or hair style, the perfectly aligned eye brows, or the Louis Vuitton shoes, because those things are temporary in time and place. True beauty won’t be realized from the $1,000 dress you wear or the Rolex watch. Those are the outward signs of not beauty, but glitz.

Whether a handsome man or a beautiful woman, the inner projects the outward. While there is no denying that those who have great inner beauty, coupled with a great exterior, may have a leg up in life. The outward looks will never keep pace with the inner radiating self.

The inner pulsates through life itself, to people and places around you and project more than you imagine. Think about it this way – if you met a man or woman and had a meaningful conversation that excited you about some aspect of life, what would happen a few months later as the conversation popped back into your mind? You would be reveling in the conversation and about how perhaps profound it was and the connection with the personality you may have had. It is not likely you will be thinking of the clothing, jewelry or shoes the person was wearing. You’ll be thinking of it because the inner beauty of both showed through. It always trumps the outer beauty when you think logically.

The beauty of feeling good about yourself cannot be conquered by others. Working out in the gym until you feel the sweat dripping down your back or off your forehead; your hair blowing in the breeze as your ride you bike along the trail or the ocean breeze blowing upon your face as you jog down the beach. Such moments allow you to feel your own inner beauty. You are alive in these moments and it’s all you, not gold studded shoes on a red carpet, but really you, the real you, stripped of the outward ostentatiousness that has become our society. This is the feeling of real beauty. Who can take that away from you?

You can travel the world over and you will meet many people, while creating memorable moments through it all. You’ll be excited and have ups and downs, but it is the inner beauty you have that is truly your beauty and yours alone. Revel in it and celebrate it because as it grows, it will attract more than you can imagine. Inner beauty is always positive, never negative and is always celebrated.

You build your inner beauty through the activities and thoughts you apply constantly. Is there a scale to it? Can you magnify it? Yes, simply be yourself and be happy, because beauty really is happiness. This is your aura and true beauty – seen by others it can never be taken away because it radiates from within. What are your waiting for? Get out there and beautify!

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