Traveling – Stay Pumped and Invigorated

Do you fall into that same trap that most of us do? We love to workout, but when the inconvenience of finding a gym on the road sets in, we just forget the workout and opt for sitting about in the hotel room or local lounge. Even if you can’t workout at the intensity you’d like, you can still get that workout in and maintain your discipline.

Generally, just being on the road and away from home will cause a major disruption in all your routines, especially your fitness program. The average person will have a different sleep pattern, tend to eat differently, and just feel a little lazy. When this happens, desires and regimens that you’ve been so persistent with, coupled with the inconvenience of your favorite facility, will quickly decrease your motivation and make you lose the small opportunities you do have to work out. Following is some information on fighting this common problem.

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Stay Motivated – Reduce Intensity
Any disruption in your routine can be disastrous to your fitness program. At My Health and Fitness, many of us are constantly on the go. Consequently, we’ve tried to solve this problem for you. Because you’re away from your favorite gym or trainer and those late business dinners and hectic days take their toll, the easiest type of workout to do is a non-weight workout that doesn’t require equipment. However, most do not know what to do and don’t plan ahead for the trip.

To solve that problem for you, simply go to our website workout section and update your personal fitness profile to choose the traveling workouts. Each workout can be done in your hotel room within 30-40 minutes. They’ll keep you active in your program and maintain your discipline. In certain ways, these workouts are designed to lower your expectations, but to keep you going. The best thing of all is that you can access them anywhere you have access to the Internet. Choose how many days to workout and you can print an individual workout for each workout day. Thus, when the wheels of that plane leave the runway, your workouts don’t have to be left at home.

If you find yourself with sufficient facilities, continue your own workouts, but regardless of which workout you choose lowering your intensity or expectations will keep you going.

At MyHealthandFitness, we are of course all avid fans of fitness and know how difficult it is to find the time while on the road. Thus, maintaining even a lower intensity program can help you. For those who continually over train, you know who you are, working out with one of our traveling programs or with your own reduced intensity workout, can help your tired muscles recover. Who knows, perhaps on your next trip you’ll return more refreshed than when you left.

From experience, maintaining a current fitness and strength level is much easier than rebuilding it. By working out with lower intensity exercises or cross training with exercises such as running, you can maintain any gains you’ve made and won’t have to worry about feeling guilty for not doing that body-busting workout you’re accustomed to doing. More importantly, this concept can work for a period of several weeks if necessary with as few as two workouts per week. Why? Because it is much easier to maintain muscle mass by lighter workouts than to build it!

While on the road it’s also difficult to find the same kind of facility you may be accustomed to. This is particularly true if you desire to use specific equipment that the road gym doesn’t have. And, the unavailability of this equipment can be immediately disheartening. Thus, by lowering both your expectations and intensity, you overcome this problem.

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By slowing down and being forced to cross train or use an alternative form of exercise may actually rejuvenate or revitalize your body. You’ll wind up with more energy than you had. Remember that any program that is longer than two weeks is easily adapted to by your body, which reduces available gains. This is another reason why MyHealthandFitness Traveling Workouts are good for you. Plus, they’re scientifically proven to work! Also, because the workouts are lighter and different, you’ll likely feel move invigorated and performing better in your business meetings.

Traveling Fitness Tips:
1. Choose any activity that will keep you active, no matter how light.
2. Plan ahead. Print one of our programs or make your own before you leave. Check with the hotel, do they have a workout center? Is one nearby?
3. Commit to at least 20 minutes of exercise per day, even if only push ups, sit ups, in-place squats, splikt squats, lunges, and or calisthenics.
4. Set the stage early. Exercise the first evening or day of your arrival. If it’s late, get invigorated for your first meetings by an early morning workout – plan to arise early do so. Working out early will relieve stress and fatigue, help your body adjust to jet lag and your new surroundings, and if you get busy later in the day, well you’ve already worked out. Thus, you won’t need to feel guilty; by working out early, you’ve reaffirmed your personal commitment to do so, which is a big plus mentally.
5. Your planner: ink in your exercise time! No time at all? Walk stairs – avoid escalators and elevators. Walk everywhere you can at a quick pace. Do anything that can elevate your heart rate and feel good about it. Seems like there’s always a nearby park; take advantage of it.
6. Try a variety of easy exercises in your room or near your hotel. Swimming in the pool, lunge walking or split squats in your room, jogging, or other exercise(s).

Make sure to pack some basic exercise gear for your trip – running shoes and apparel.

You can also try a local exercise channel on your television or Internet site(s) – there’s lots of them available. The bottom line is to ‘just do it’ like the Nike commercials say. Our traveling programs will get you to sweat a little and best of all, they’re always different, invigorating, and downloadable at the touch of a finger. Don’t forget your road snacks.

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