Trainers Q&A

The questions and answers below are only the beginning of this section. As more questions arrive, we will carefully select which ones we feel are most important and answer and then, post them below so the section will continue to expand.

Question: I have a trainer certification but would like to learn more about muscle groups. What muscles are primarily worked with a triceps pushdown?

Answer: The major muscle groups worked with this exercise include, the triceps brachii lateral, long, and medial head and the anconeus. Sub groups include the extensor carpi muscle in the forearms, parts of the deltoids, pecs, biceps, and crachialis.

Question: What are the major foot positions while performing squats?

Answer: The major position of the feet, all with feet parallel to each other are with the feet wide, each about 4 inches past each shoulder; a position where the feet are about shoulder width apart, i.e., bring each foot in about 4 inches from the previous description (this is the most common position for performing squats); and feet close together, about 4 inches apart (this position requires more balance so, user lighter weight loads at first).

Question: What is the difference in muscle groups worked depending on width of feet in a squat?

Answer: The wide stance will work the vastus lateralis, gracilis, adductor magnus, and gluteus maximus muscles more. With the shoulder width stance, the muscles worked the most are the front quads or quadriceps femoris with some work on the adductors. The very close stance will really blast all the quadriceps muscles. To determine how they work, perform, with a light weight, multiple reps with your feet positioned in each stance. You’ll soon feel the results from each stance change.

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