Professional level workout (sample-level 5)

Professional/advanced-level programs are very rigorous workouts designed to maximize sports-specific performance. These workouts are specifically designed for you from personal information.

Such workouts are very demanding. The following is a one-day example of a level 6 workout program. Our programs go all the way to level 10. However, most cannot handle past level 6. Our founder constantly performed level 10 programs as examples to other athletes.

Most of programs we design for you come in 2-4 week modules, up to 12 weeks in length. Each is designed especially for you based on your own fitness and health goals. In the table below you will see various nomenclature. For example, wt means weighted (your choice), per refers to weight that is selected based on a periodized program (if you do not have a periodized program, choose a weight from 40 to 70 percent of your max load capability based on each exercise thus, the first rep would use 40% and up from there for each succeeding set) and, uw means unweighted.

Week 2, Day 3SetsRepsWeight
Warmup Exercises
Pull ups38uw
Step-up Jumps38uw
Core Exercises
Snatch High Pull55per
Clean & Jerk55per
Front Squat510×1
Bench Press512×1
Front Press58per
Preacher Curl510×1
Ballistic Push up64per
Single-Leg Straddle310per
Double-Leg Straddle310per
Warmdown Exercises
Dips 320wt
Sit ups450wt
Lying Glute Pushup16uw
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