Happy New Year 2018 – Write your Goals!

Do you write things down that you wish to accomplish? And, what are these ‘things.’

If you wish to achieve success with your 2018 health and fitness goals, you must write them down and pursue them actively. It is a proven fact that success follows such actions, whether in business or personal life.

The real power of setting goals is derived when your write them down. As a matter of fact, you have a 95% chance of obtaining your goal(s) if you write them down – only 5% if you do not. This is the reason many people fail in their health and fitness resolutions every year. We resolve it in our minds, but because we do not write our resolutions down and follow them, they are seldom realized. It is sort of like retirement, many people often think of it, but what action is being taken to succeed and have enough funds when you do retire?

I have talked about this before. What are your goals in health and fitness? They should be clear targets of what you want to achieve and when, such as, not losing weight, but a specific amount. For example, I want to lose 20 pounds and weigh 115 pounds by March 28, 2018. Your goals will help you become motivated because they will focus your efforts and keep you headed in the right direction. Done properly, your goals will create a ‘vision’ of what you want to be like in terms of your health.

But, goals are not achieved through assmosis, in other words, they take work to accomplish. How much do you want to lose that 20 pounds? You must be driven and setting goals will help you be that way, especially since they help you become more efficient with your time because of their specificity.

So, set you goals and write them down – this is the most effective way to obtain success with them. Why? Because you have created an action plan to accomplish them.

Don’t say I want to work out 3 days per week – specific is terrific – specify the three days per week you will work out, i.e., I will workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! Thus, you ensure success – one outcome at a time. Work off priorities by determining what aspect of your goals is priority A, versus B, versus C.

Your goals will attach action to outcomes by breaking your health and fitness resolutions into manageable, daily steps. So, by writing down and focusing on a few ideas at a time, you prioritize and concentrate your efforts. As an example, have you written down a training program to follow, or designed one on MyWorkout. You are in the gym and falling behind. What do you do? Work the largest muscle groups first – they are priority A – so that you burn the most energy and get as much done as you can within your time window. Next time, try to manage your time better. By taking action to burn the most calories utilizing the larger muscle groups, you’ve taken a significant action to obtain your goal.

Therefore, do not fail in your resolutions in 2018. Write them down, make a plan, write a program, stick with it and succeed. Best of luck in 2018 on all of your resolutions. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

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