Exercise – Key #4 to Effective Weight Loss

The fourth key to good weight loss requires some effort; it’s called exercise and you need to sweat some. But, it’s not difficult if your goal is not to be Mr. or Mrs. America.

Aside from nutrition, exercise is “the” key for successful weight control. Most people cannot manage their weight successfully unless they combine good nutrition with regular exercise. This can simply be walking. More importantly, the health benefits are significant.

Good nutrition without exercise or vice versa represents an incomplete strategy for losing weight and keeping it off. It makes little sense to exercise regularly but, fail to provide the body with good nutritional support that helps achieve maximum gains in energy, strength, and endurance. Conversely, we cannot expect our bodies to shed pounds and perform at their peak if we provide them with premium fuel in a nutrient-rich diet, but then ignore that fuel’s potential by being sedentary.

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One thing is certain: if weight loss is your goal, the only sure way to obtain it is to combine exercise with good nutrition. Adhere to this simple advice: Eat less and exercise more!

MyHealthandFitness will help you do this. Proceed to our ‘my workout‘ section and download as many of our trainer-designed workouts as you wish. They will never repeat themselves, will keep you active, and help you keep off that excess weight. Please read our terms of use.

If you cannot do all of the exercises do as many as you can and slowly increase your stamina and workout time. You’ll be glad you did.

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