Example Jogging, Running, Marathon Workouts (1-day each)

A few of the following program examples are based on time for those of you who wish to run distances with specific goal times in mind.


Most programs come in 2-4 week modules, up to 12 weeks in length. Each is designed especially for you based on your own fitness and health goals. The examples below illustrate 1-day only.


Week 5, Day 5Time (minutes)
Warmup Exercises
Lunge Stretch5
Slow Lunge Walk4
Light Stretch4 – 8
Core Exercises
2-3 mile easy running9 – 10 minute miles or, choose pace
Warmdown Exercises
Walk (moderate pace)8
Light Stretching5-10
5K Run (based on 21 min time)Time (minutes)
Week 3, Day 1
Warmup Exercises
75 crunch situps
Jump Squats (unweighted)4
Core Exercises
4 miles (easy run)8.5 min miles
220 yd sprints (10 sets), rest 90 sec per set45 seconds max allowed per sprint
Warmdown Exercises
Walk (moderate pace)8
Light Stretching4
10K Run (based on 42 minute time completion)
Week 2, Days 1-7
Warmup Exercises
100 crunch situps
Body Squats (uw)4 sets of 8
Front Lunge Stretch5 (each leg)
Core Exercises
Day 1, 9 miles8.3 minute/mile
Day 2, 110 yd sprints, 20 sets18 seconds max time/sprint
Day 3, 4 miles8.2 minute/mile
Day 4, 220 yd sprint, 12 sets45 seconds max time/sprint
Day 5, 6 miles8.2 minute/mile
Day 6, 10 miles8.5 minute/mile
Day 7Rest
Warmdown Exercises
Walk (moderate pace)10
Light Stretching6
Marathon (Advanced, based on 3 hr completion)
Week 8, Days 1-7
Lunge Walk4
Core Exercises
Day 1, 15 miles8.5/mile
Day 2, 880 yd sprints (10 sets)3 minute max/sprint
Day 3, 3×1 mile (walk 660 between each for rest)6.5 min/mile
Day 4 Rest
Day 5, 4 miles8 min/mile
Day 6, 3 miles7 min/mile
Day 7, 12 miles8.5 to 9 min/mile
Warmdown Exercises
Light jog6
Walk (moderate pace)10
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