Calgym Cardio Climber

We were asked to evaluate the Calgym Cardio Climber by one of our readers; Calgym is an Australian company that produces some great equipment. After several weeks of testing here are the results.

We found the climber very user friendly, a big plus. Unlike other pieces of gym equipment such as cross-country skiers and the like, virtually no coordination was required to enable one to use it. The climber starts automatically without any necessary program setting or adjustments such as those found on computerized, stationary bikes. This is because the resistance adjusts itself automatically, in response to individual effort. Additionally, it gives a continuous readout in time, speed, distance, and calories burned, making it easy to keep track of desired statistics.

The Calgym Cardio Climber gives a superior workout to most exercise equipment because it works the entire body. Thus, one gets a total body workout, more muscles are worked in less time, and it’s low impact. It also has the advantage of allowing one to work the lower body only if desired; great for a warm-down exercise if you have limited space or equipment. The Calgym Cardio Climber allows any range of motion up to 67 cm (26.4 inches) thus, unless you’re over about 78 inches in height, you should be able to get a great workout.

In regard to reliability, the equipment is well made from industrial components, requires no external power, little maintenance, and appears very durable. Due to it’s method of construction, the climber gives unlimited range of workout resistance via an air displacement turbine with an adjustable air vent. We rate it 4 stars of 5. It’s a great piece of equipment for the home or gym.

Calgym Cardio Climber

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