This is a great warmup exercise prior to speed sprinting.

1. Mark out a 20-yard distance. Begin at one end of the distance in an upright position.

2. Step forward onto your right leg for the first bound. Take as large a step as you can, actually, you’re trying to go as fast as you can in a controlled rhythm. As the leg touches the ground, you should be a little stiff legged. Use the momentum of the leg striking the ground to propel you to the next step, i.e., the opposite foot hitting the ground. Use your hands and arms to help with your balance.

3. The set is complete when you have reached your 20-yard marker.

Notes: Alternately you can do the bound on a track in a zig-zag fashion. Do it between a runners lane with each foot hitting the line on either side of the lane. This will force you into a zig-zag type bound because of lane width.

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