BODY BASICS: Self-Tan Without Mistakes!

1. Purchase a self-tanning product.

Recommendations: brands

Drug store Neutrogena
Department store Clarins or Clinique


Mist dries quickly but doesn’t moisten skin
Lotion/Cream even application but can be sticky or thick
Gel lightweight and non-greasy

Face self-tanners:

Usually oil-free so they won’t clog pores

2. Exfoliate your entire body in shower.

Use a body scrub that is not a “natural” scrub. If you use a loofah sponge or something natural you will often get an uneven exfoliation. This will cause your tan to be uneven. Rinse very well and do not apply lotion or anything except self-tanner.

3. Application technique.

Some people use gloves, I prefer my hands without gloves because I can feel the product absorbing. Depending on the type of self-tanner you are using, spray or smooth product on one section of your body at a time. Follow the order below:

Start with arms
Move to shoulders & neck
Chest & shoulders
Back is very difficult and you may need help
Buttocks & bikini area
Legs avoid the knees
Feet avoid the ankles

When you blend product into each area, apply in a circular motion, back & forth, and up & down. This will prevent streaking or uneven coloring.

4. Touch up musts

After applying product, take some regular lotion and apply to your elbows, knees, and feet (ankles & bottoms). This will help prevent self-tanner from grabbing in those hard skin areas.


Use a scrub brush and rewash twice. I often take a Q-tip and go around the cuticles and between my fingers.

6. Self-tan hands.

Now, you dont want your hands to look like “white” gloves because your entire body is fake sun blessed. So, take a cotton pad and spray or apply a small amount of the product on the pad. Apply the pad to the back of each hand. Be very careful, you dont want color between your fingers. Also, blend around your wrist too.

7. Wait at least 15 minutes to get dressed, and do not shower for three to four hours. Your tan should develop within 2 hours. You may find that you want a darker color, especially if this is your first time. Repeat the steps above and reapply until you like the color. Also, realize that you will “fade” so reapplication is usually necessary anyway. Every person is different, as with a real tan.

8. Wear sunscreen if you go outside. Yes you may have a tan but you are NOT protected from the harmful UV rays!!!!!!!

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