Do you have that dreaded cellulite? There is almost no extent to which some will not go to get rid of cellulite. And, no matter what you try or how many potions you buy, those ugly little volcano dimples just won’t go away. It’s embarrassing to wear short pants or bikini bottoms of any kind. Not to fret, there is a way to get rid of it. If you can put it on, we can take it off.

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It’s quite simple once you know how. There will be no need for supplements, wraps, or fat creams. However, you will have to invest about 60 to 90 minutes per week, split into 3 or 4 days working out. If you’re willing to do that, read on, if not, exit now. “Using the correct exercise program, one can rid themselves of cellulite and once again, make the lower buttocks and back of the legs smooth, not to mention much firmer,” says Lifestyle expert Dr. Tindall in his book 90 Days to a New You: Total Body Makeover. From those he has trained, as well as others using the program, over 80 percent have reported significant cellulite loss to near unnoticeable levels or gone completely.








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During this program, which has taken place the last 6 years, the average participant lost about 4 pounds of fat around the buttocks area, while adding 3 pounds of muscle, sometimes much more, but not to the point of looking unfeminine. This loss equates to approximately a two-inch reduction in hip girth. The basic facts are that it doesn’t take much reduction to make a vast improvement in appearance. The average thickness of fat loss was measured at about 1.5 mm resulting in a smooth, firm look.

What’s the Real Story About Cellulite?
Cellulite is in fact fat cells that are separated into compartments, or at least that’s about as easy as one can phrase it. The development of cellulite is not a medical condition or some unsolved mystery of science, it’s not toxins trapped beneath the skin, nor is it poor circulation; cellulite is simply fat!

The reason cellulite looks like it does is because of the way it is arranged as components of connected fat cells that connect skin to muscle tissue. Men rarely develop cellulite because the development of these cells are accomplished in a x-type, horizontal pattern, which presents the ever-present dimple seen on quite a few women. This connective fat-tissue pattern in women takes the shape of a honeycomb that resembles deep dimples or volcano’s as some refer to them. As you age the connective tissues that form cellulite thickens, but at the same time, your skin gets thinner, so the cellulite looks worse. However, regardless of what you call it or what you think it looks like, or your age, you can get rid of it. However, there is one thing you should be aware of; as you age you develop a condition called sarcopenia. In effect, this is the loss of muscle mass with age if you don’t remain relatively active. And, this muscle loss is usually accompanied by a gain in body fat that replaces the lost muscle. Read more about sarcopenia. In addition to this, firm skin and muscle will keep a smooth look, fat cannot keep skin neither firm nor taught. As a result, you get the ever-increasing bulge. But, not to worry. We will help you cure it.

You must do two things: 1) eat a healthy diet with calories intake proportionate to what you burn each day; and 2) most importantly, you must exercise. The key to step 2 is to do the right kinds of exercises. These exercises will reduce the underlying fat stores that cause the cellulite look. This is the only way. Wraps, creams, cosmetics, and other processes will not work and if by some miracle they do, the results will last less than a few days. The key is to firm the muscles in the buttock area and back of the legs.

What You Must Do!

1. Eat well, don’t overeat – determine your daily calorie needs.

2. Perform the following basic exercise program at least 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes each time:

Step 1: Warm-up first before beginning your exercises. This can be done by walking on a treadmill, using a stationary bike, swimming, elliptical stepper, or other exercise of the aerobic type for approximately 8-10 minutes. Work so that you begin to breathe a little hard and develop a mild perspiration. Once you feel sufficiently warmed up, you’re ready to start the core exercises.

Step 2: The exercises are strength exercises. In this case, they are mostly squats of all types. Perform each exercise with a weight heavy enough that you can only do about it 12 times (repetitions) per set so that you fatigue the leg and buttocks muscles. The importance of the amount of weight and repetitions cannot be overstated. This is crucial! Select from the following list, 3 to 4 exercises for each workout day. Perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise, 3 days per week. It is preferable to skip a day between, i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. On your next workout day, choose different exercises than you did the previous workout day. Add some cardio exercises such as sprinting, jogging, swimming, etc. for days you do not lift weights.

The Exercises

40-meter Sprints (8 repetitions per workout day)
Back Squats
Double-Leg Straddle
Dumbbell Squats
Split Squats (with weight)
Front Squats
Goblet Squats
Hack Squat
Jump Split Squats (no weight)
Leg Press
Lunges (walking and weighted – 4 laps around a basketball court)
Lying Leg Curls
One Leg Squats
Side-to-Side Hop
Squat Jumps (with weights)
Step Ups (weighted)
Sumo Squats

Step 3: Stretching. After you perform each exercise for the required number of sets and repetitions and, before you proceed to the next exercise, stretch the same muscles worked for about 15 to 20 seconds. This will give you best muscle development over time, with firmer results.

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The best part about these exercises is that most are full range of motion that really stretch the muscles and because they work the large muscle groups, they burn more calories than working upper body muscles such as triceps, biceps, or chest. These exercises work the best. Others can be added, but usually do not work as well. They include good mornings, adductions, abductions, and kickbacks. If you are not familiar with some of these, any trainer can show you how; they are also described in the ‘exercise descriptions’ located in the fitness section of this website.

What are you waiting for? Got Cellulite? Not after 12 weeks of persistence on this program. Good luck and have fun.







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