Beauty comes from within, but we still like to look good!

Do you ever get tired of hearing, “beauty comes from within”? I have heard this so much that is sounds like a cliche. If in fact, this is true, then why are we bombarded with advertisements promising to make you look younger? If age was irrelevant than why would we, as women, be concerned about lines and wrinkles. The answer is obvious, we still like to feel and look good!

Age is irrelevant when it comes to attitude. But unfortunately, it’s not when it comes to a woman’s skin condition. The difference is simply the woman’s history with her skin care, hereditary, and perhaps more importantly, prior sun exposure. I witnessed this first hand with my own family, friends and clients.

My 77 year old Grandmother has beautiful skin with few lines or wrinkles. I also know my Grandmother has worn sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses all of my life. She is 100% Italian, with olive skin that tans beautifully, but I have never seen her with an actual tan on her face. I feel blessed that I have her genes but also realize this is not a guarantee that my skin will look as vibrant as hers for as long.

After spending the summer in Italy, I observed that many Italian women worship the sun. As I passed many within close physical proximity, I began to realize they had aged skin. At the beach it was not uncommon to see women, age 17 – 80, tanning themselves from head to toe with oil or lotion without SPF. It was natural to compare the women, close to my Grandmother’s age, with her. WOW! The only difference seemed to be their attitude towards sun bathing and protection. I am proud of my Grandmother for taking care of her skin for her entire life. To me, she represents true “beauty”.

The lesson I learned from my trip to Italy and its beaches was to honor and respect your skin. Protecting yourself with sunscreen is added insurance that you will look younger than you actually are. But, your attitude is what makes you young, and how you feel!

Recommendations: Daily SPF 15 in your make-up/foundation, make sure you apply over entire face. I love the tinted moisturizers with SPF included. Lancome, Clinique, Almay.

If you are going on vacation to the beach, mountains, or anywhere where it is sunny? Wear SPF 30 for added insurance protection.

Also, remove your make-up and/or sunscreen before bed, every night. These products contain strong ingredients that can clog pores.