Tips on Makeup

Welcome to a tip on Makeup

This article covers basic tips on some common looks that you want to achieve.

Look 1: The Classic Daytime Look

This is generally an understated uptown look and requires only a simple routine. You will want to concern yourself with your face, eyes, and lips.

Face: Apply concealer under your eyes and where needed. Follow with a light translucent powder.

Eyes: Groom your brows and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. Brush translucent powder over your eyes and apply mascara. Two coats of mascara is usually best.

Lips: Apply lipstick; a shade deeper than your natural lip shade.

Look 2: The Athletic Daytime Look

Makeup is never the most important thing for the athletic woman on the go. Besides, who can keep it on?

Again, concern yourself with the three areas above.

Face: Mix foundation and moisturizer in your hand and apply evenly, all over your face. Brush a light bronzer on your cheeks and also the tip of your chin for a healthy glow.

Eyes: A coat of waterproof mascara. Experiment for the right shade for you.

Lips: Apply clear lip gloss. You may want to brush bronzer on your lips first for a dash of shimmery color. The look will be a simple, yet clean one that you’ll find easy to maintain.

Look 3: The Fashion Daytime Look

Your look with this one will be glowing and glossy in neutral shades.

Face: Apply sheer foundation all over your face. Add a touch of powder on the T-zone. Apply a bronze shimmer cream on your cheekbones, not a blush as you may think.

Eyes: Apply a matte eye shadow to your eye lids that is slightly deeper than your natural skin tone (russet may be a good choice, take your time in choosing). Add two layers of mascara.

Lips: Apply sheer gloss, and then apply a berry lip liner around the outside edge of your lips, blending the liner into the gloss. Feel free to look for brighter colors that border to the dark realm. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just like a great hairstyle, makeup takes experimentation with color and practice. Collecting photos from magazines can give you some great ideas.

Fragrances that Attract and Allure – Lighter Can Be Better

Have you ever passed a coworker or others in a hall and had the smell of the perfume and fragrance they wear irritate your nostrils? Do you ever wonder if you’re among the nose assailants in your travels? There’s a better way to use fragrances. Try the following tips.

If you’d like just a hint of fragrance and find most perfumes too heavy, there are alternatives:

Try a perfume oil.

These oils use a combination of essences that make them last longer than essential oils. Some excellent ones to look for include Clarins Eau Dynamisante; Truth Calvin Klein Body Oil Spray; and Body Time Natural Perfume in Vanilla-Orange-Ginger. And, there are many more, but you won’t know what’s best for you until you look.

Scent your hair.

Many fine fragrances are showing up in hair care products. Guerlain’s Shalimar Beautifying Hair Gel holds hair and adds a light spicy-floral fragrance. Gucci Envy Scented Hair Shine Spray has a fresh scent that lasts all day. What would you prefer?

Smooth on a body lotion.

Scented moisturizers have less intensity than your eau de toilette, so it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to live without your favorite perfume but you want a lighter scent. Some contain golden or pearlized sparkles. Try the delicate floral scent of Prescriptives Potion Sparkling Body Moisture or the fruity and vanilla Azzura Shimmering Body Moisturizer.

These basic alternatives may open a whole new world of scents to you. Go ahead, drive him crazy!

Q & A

Question: Is it necessary to remove your make-up before you work out?

Answer: This answer is based on individuality. If you suffer from break-out or skin irritation the answer is yes! Why? When cosmetics mix with perspiration, they break down, leaving chemical by-products on your skin that can cause problems. Concentrate on great skin care and you will not need to wear foundation to the gym. Tip waterproof mascara is a must for sweating through those cardio workouts

Question: What is the difference between a $35 lipstick at the department store and a $2 lipstick at the drug store?

Answer: First, without knowing the exact ingredients or product knowledge for each brand, it is difficult to answer. Second, lipstick brand really is a personal preference. The primary differentiation between lipstick brands are color intensity, texture/comfort, and wear-ability. Typically, the department store will allow you to try the lipstick and other cosmetics on, with the help of a beauty consultant. Then, you can determine if you like it before your purchase. The difference with a drug store is that you may not have the option and more than likely not, cannot return it if you don’t like it! However, just because you pay more at a department store does not mean that the brand you purchase there is better than a brand from your local drug store. Ask your friends. It pays to shop around.

Question:Can you recommend a good website for purchasing cosmetics?

Answer: I absolutely love It is a great website and you can browse, shop, and purchase very easily. Sephora carries different brands with each being listed by category. They have a good return policy as well.

Question: I curl my eyelashes, but the curl never holds. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: First, replace your old eyelash curler every six months. They get “worn out” just like other beauty products. Second, start at the base of your eyelashes and gently press upwards toward the tips. This will create a nice even curl without crimping your eyelashes. Third, and maybe most important, use a waterproof mascara; this will hold the curl. Think of it as hairspray for your hair, some are soft hold and other types are stronger.