Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

The RDL strengthens the lower back and is easily done with dumbbells.

1. To begin, grip the barbell or dumbbells, standing with arms relaxed to the side and feet shoulder width apart. From this position, bend the knees slightly then, bend forward at the waist. Let the barbell or dumbbells glide down the thighs and shins and bend as far forward as individual flexibility will allow.

2. From this position, straighten the back and assume the starting position. You are ready for the next repetition.

Anytime that you perform a deadlift or a similar exercise that requires bending at the hip, flexing the knees is very important to reduce the chance of injury. Also, this type of lift is a great one to be totally conscious of in terms of ‘feeling’ the entire body and what muscles are moving and which do not seem to participate in the exercise to any great degree.

Remember: If you decide to use the straight bar, do so only after you have developed good technique. But, the straight bar will result in the best total body benefits to improve your game long term.

Dumbbell Starting position

Dumbbell Ending Position

Barbell Starting Position

Barbell Ending Position

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