Purpose of Product Evaluation Section

This section is similar to a consumers digest, only for the fitness industry. The goal is to compare various products and workout equipment so that the consumer has a good idea about product quality, cost, reliability, primary purpose and ease of use.


Question: How do I submit a product to be evaluated?


Answer: Please send an email to info@myhealthandfitness.com. In your email, list the name of the equipment, manufacturer, and contact information. From reader emails, we will select the piece of equipment or product we fill reflects the interests of the majority of our readers. Once this is accomplished, we contact the manufacturer, procure the equipment and run our own reliability, durability, and other tests on it. Once that is done, we post the results in the “Fitness Product Evaluation” section. We want you to get the most bang for your buck, which is why we do this. Face it, some pieces of equipment are simply horribly made or just not worth the price.


Question: If the product evaluation is unfavorable, do you make recommendations for a similar product?

Answer: If the product tested receives a poor evaluation, we will sometimes recommend a product that performs similar functions from another manufacturer or, if we have not tested it already, we may obtain the equipment from the competing manufacturer and evaluate it before listing a recommendation on the site.


Question: How thorough is your test?

Answer: We test everything possible that we consider of value to the customer. Such items can include durability, ease of maintenance, easy of use, satisfaction of customers who use it, ease of repair, quality of material, and many other factors. However, we do not typically measure metal fatigue and other such factors unless we feel that such factors are sub-par compared to other equipment and manufacturers.


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