Make Wise Choices – Key #6 to Effective Weight Loss

Can you reach your weight goal if you don’t know where you are in relation to where you came from and where you want to go? No you cannot. The key is to know approximately how many calories you need each day, keep a basic log, and make wise food choices, especially if you’re eating out.

Let’s repeat that in a different manner. Have a great attitude, know your goal weight, and keep track of the foods you eat, as well as the general workout time you spend in the gym. The latter is important because you need to add more calories to offset those burned during exercise.

Fitness and health is not about counting calories, but you do need to have a basic idea of how many calories your body requires compared to how many you eat. You also need to be aware of portion size. Most establishments actually serve a double portion. When you sit down to eat it, ask for a box and put half of the meal away then, eat the remainder. Being aware of just the basics helps you to make wise food choices.

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Are you constantly on the go? That’s not an excuse for eating poorly even though you may find yourself eating at fast-food places more frequently than you desire. Here’s an example: at Burger King you can get a “Whopper” combo meal with a drink, and fries – about 1200 calories or, you can opt for a diet coke or water and a grilled chicken sandwich – about 400 calories. What choice would you make?

Perhaps you’re a Wendy’s fan. If so, have a sandwich and salad or chili with water or a diet drink. What’s the difference between the amount of calories? You should calculate it, which will reinforce making better choices. You will find a large difference between the typical ‘combo’ and selecting something more beneficial/wise.
As little as 100 calories per day less will help you reduce your weight by 10 pounds per year or, if you eat this much more than you need, you will gain 10 pounds per year.

More often than not, it is a matter of simple logic. Decide now not to have that high fat/high sugar combination food such as fast food burgers. Opt for the broiled/grilled chicken and a diet drink or water. Simple choices over a 2-3 month period can significantly reduce your weight – without exercise.

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Try making your own snacks that are lower in fat and calories such as celery sticks and ranch dressing, various vegetables, small fruits, granola bars that are low sugar, and a wide variety of other foods. It is not about just the carbohydrates either. If you eat lots of carbs, ensure they are high fiber and low sugar, i.e., think brown rice, vegetables such as broccoli, and not soft drink, beer, donuts, or ice cream.


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