How can LifeForce Camp help you?
For many, health and fitness are already priorities in life, however, there are those individuals, perhaps yourself, that need to be challenged, need that extra support, or need guidance from an expert to reach the next level of optimal health. Why? Because life is more important than simply having a hard body. Life is to be lived, tasted, experienced – to reach out without fear for new experiences. You are the sum of everything you have come from starting as a kid until now – how you were raised, your cultural heritage, work, nutrition, and everything else. So, you want to be happy. Your age, gender, race, income (assuming you can afford the basics of life – food, apartment, etc.) tell us nothing about how happy you are. While the hard body is not going to necessarily make you happy, the efforts gained in pursuing it, or the efforts you’ve put into can give me a clue about where your happiness level is. Research also shows that people in more developed, wealthier countries are not happier than people in poorer countries. It comes down to your inner well being. This is what LifeForce Camp is all about – helping you to improve that part of you so that you can be, for lack of a better term – happier.

Suzanne lost 32 pounds – is this for you?

Enduring happiness doesn’t, come from “making it.” Longing for fame and fortune or unlimited leisure generally does not change the inner well-being, at least long term. Such things, including highs or temporary. Since the late 1950s stress and related depression rates have soared, but there are things you can do that will help you live a happier and healthier life and we will work on those at camp. There are keys to build a happier, healthier, inner you. While we will utilize fitness as a partial key, we also will use other keys, some of which are given below.

Savor the moment. Like a relationship, it is the small, everyday communication principles that make it strong, not the large issues that you communicate. It is life’s small, everyday advantages that help us to savor the moment. But, you need to recognize them and to create them. If we live so the present is our means to the future, we don’t live. We must enjoy the present, the magic moments such as talking with a friend or significant other, that morning tea or coffee reading a paper or Internet article. Happiness is not in the future but it is here, now!

Take control of your time. Many of us let the day overwhelm us because we don’t know how to control it. The best form of control is time management; not as a slave to a daily planner, but by setting daily goals and priorities. Those who become overwhelmed because they feel a loss of control of their own time generally suffer lower morale and poorer health. So, you must master your use of time; we will help you. Those who have unfilled time, are open and uncommitted and generally postpone things are typically inefficient and unhappy. The opposite of those who have time that is both filled and planned. Do you set about in one day to write a novel? No, you work at it a few pages per day and the goal can be accomplished.

Act happy. Three keys will help you with this. First, exhibit self-esteem by agreeing with such statements as “I’m a lot of fun to be with” and “I have good ideas.” Second, be positive and a positive thinker. Third, become outgoing; it may be difficult at first, but take small steps. Studies show it is not the introverts, but extroverts in society that are happiest. This doesn’t mean you need to walk into a room of 500 and know and talk to everyone. Each of us have our own level. Remember, as we act, so are we so, act yourself into a way of thinking; don’t think yourself into action. Even experiments show us that those who feign higher self-esteem begin feeling better about themselves. Smile and the world will smile back. So, put on a happy face. Pretend optimism. Simulate being outgoing. Going through the motions can trigger the emotions.

Although this client is in superb shape, he wanted to
work on his upper delts, lats, and arms.

Seek work and leisure that engage your skills. Often, the challenges of work or home are too great, and we feel very stressed. At other times, we’re simply not challenged and become bored. Between these two states is a zone in which we feel challenged, but not over-matched. We get absorbed. We lose consciousness of time. And, we engage our skills. We’re in the ‘flow.’ You have heard the saying, ‘go with the flow.’ Well, this is what it means. Someone watching TV is not engaged, but someone gardening, writing, painting, exercising, etc. is engaged and have a higher state of inner well-being. They are less apathetic and happier. Those who are more self-reliant are happier. We will teach you these things and more and how to deal with them at LifeForce Camp. As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “To forget oneself is to be happy.”

Join the “Movement.” What movement you ask? The Movement of exercise. Exercise is an antidote for mild depression and anxiety; you will be hard pressed to find a substitute for it. Repeated surveys show that people are more self-confident, unstressed, and in better spirits, when physically fit. I tell all my clients that fit is where it’s at. You can do everything from mental to physical activities much better if you’re fit. Why not be fit? Compared to many hobbies, fitness has minimal costs because you can do lots of it outdoors, without weights and gyms and it’s fun. How fun can it be? Come to LifeForce Camp to find out. Exercise has been proven to produce consistent, encouraging results with minimal costs and desirable side effects that almost anyone can benefit from at least a moderate exercise regimen –  sound mind in a sound body.

Get your rest. Happy people live active, vigorous lives, yet they reserve time for renewing sleep and solitude. However, today we live in a very fast paced lifestyle from which a great man people suffer from shortened sleep, leaving them groggy and unable to get into the flow. If you really want to age fast, stay out at the clubs, lounges, and restaurants until the early morning hours so that you have far less time, in an already time-crunched environment, to get things done. Late nights are self-destructive and result in fatigue, diminished alertness, and, both failure and depression. It also makes for poor time management. But there is so much more.

Give priority to a close relationship. An intimate or close friendship with someone who cares about you is a great antidote for unhappiness. People who have several close, supportive friends to share difficulties with, live with greater health and happiness. It is well known that people relax as they confide painful experiences. Like confession, confiding is good for the soul. Tragically, in the new age of millennial’s, our increasingly individualistic society suffers from impoverished social connections, which are believed to be the cause of today’s epidemic levels of depression. Thus, sometimes, staunch independence becomes a detriment rather than a help. It all comes down that to preserve our social fabric we need to balance me-thinking with we-thinking. The social ties that bind also provide support in difficult times. This is why people who go through the same experiences such as war, divorce, and other tragic life events have a heightened commonality or bond. Don’t shy away from commitment because you’ll find that when you are helping others there will be no greater high.

This client wanted that hot bikini body – what do you think?
Did she get it?

Take care of your soul. C.S. Lewis once remarked, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” And, one may surmise as much from reading the new research on faith and well-being. Actively religious people are much less likely to become delinquent, to abuse drugs and alcohol, to divorce, or to commit suicide. They’re even physically healthier, due perhaps to less smoking and drinking. Other studies suggest that faith “buffers” a crisis. Those who’ve recently suffered divorce, unemployment, bereavement, or disability report greater well-being if they have a strong religious faith. One of the main issues is service to others, which can be done via religion, Zen, and other related activities. The goal is to soothe the soul and there are as many ways to do it as there are religions. While this doesn’t bear on the truth of a religious claim, the commonality makes strong bonds and happier people.

Thus, LifeForce Camp is about so much more than mere fitness. It’s a time to learn how to really think about life, the challenges you face, self-reliance, and how to deal with a myriad of issues the can often make life, well, unpleasant. But, we also teach the fitness part, from beginner level to pro-level as the examples below show.

There are those who, while super fit, are not quite able to get over that hump for the big win they seek or have plateaued in their status. Whether you are an athlete in training or simply in need of a health retreat to get a jump on that fit lifestyle and achieve the level of health and fitness or, to get that bikini body you have always wanted, LifeForce Camp’s award-winning program offers a full spectrum of wellness in the areas of health, fitness, training, and nutrition, as well as advanced bodybuilding and speed-strength training for goal-oriented and pro athletes.

Are you looking for lose that 30-40 pounds or more? Let Dr. Tindall put you on his RWL program and let’s make it happen. Perhaps you want to cut your 40 speed down from 4.5 to 4.4 seconds or less – we can do that for you. Or, maybe you want to add 6 inches to your vertical leap in basketball, or get ripped like a cheetah for that next IFBB contest.

This client wanted a firmer butt, which she got.

Regardless of your goal, LifeForce can help you make it happen. LifeForce Camp is a results driven, energetic fitness, fat loss, sports, and goal achievement program – whether you’re a novice or professional athlete – it includes motivation, accountability, challenge, and dynamic training; all designed to get you the body and or reach the goals that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. You will not find strangers here, but friends.

John wanted to cut 0.4 seconds off his 40 from 4.8 to 4.4 – he did it!

Malcolm wanted to increase his vertical leap by
6 inches, it increased by 9.

Clients in the park performing some exercises;
Don’t let it fool you, these are some of the easy ones!

Bench Dips



No person or body, no exercise or regimen is a fit-all program. Personalization is the key to getting the best possible results, which is why LifeForce Camp is geared to find what works best for each person and, that is why the camps are kept small.

It’s all achievable with your instructor – the trainers’ trainer. LifeForce Camp will help you become better, whether seeking that coveted win in the IFBB or just getting on track to feel better about yourself. While many advertise body camps, fitness camps, etc., it’s not just about a great body, it’s about a total lifestyle so that you have years of longevity ahead of you. While you’ll learn how to get that hard body if you want, you’ll also learn self-confidence and the drive to succeed.

Bethany wanted and got better abs.

The camp is not only physically challenging; it is a mentoring process. Dr. Tindall has mentored over 1,000 students, 600 professional athletes, 400 business professionals, and 52 Masters and Doctoral students. He is a trainer’s trainer. He will be your instructor.

Perhaps you’re overweight and want to lose weight or want to learn all you can about nutrition and health. Or, you’re a IFBB Fitness and Figure Pro or aspiring bodybuilder or pro bodybuilder. Maybe you just want to find that perfect balance for being healthy. You’ve come to the right place.

One group of clients chose Women’s Self Defense to increase confidence skills.
They increased them tremendously!

If you can pinch and inch or more, let’s make it less!

Why LifeForce?
Just like professional athletes who have been using coaches and trainers for years to enhance athletic performance, LifeForce helps you perform better in your personal, family, and professional life. It begins with a one week (five day) course, but can continue into weekly coaching via phone if you desire.

The LifeForce process is a human improvement process that focuses completely on YOU! Simply put, LifeForce is designed to assist you in improving and growing as a person to achieve your goals.

Heidi wanted to look just a little fitter.

LifeForce will help you overcome fears and obstacles, focus on solutions, and serve as a medium to bounce your ideas and thoughts. You will not only be working on the four main areas (health, training, fitness, and nutrition), but also on physical skills to improve positivity and self-confidence. LifeForce will help you achieve balance in your personal, family, and business life while helping you to become the person you have always wanted to be.

Ami wanted to be fit without bulk and look good in that dress.

What is LifeForce Camp like?
LifeForce Camp is like a boot camp, but more; it’s about putting you on the fast track to a healthy and fit lifestyle. The regimen is strict during the day and eases into relaxation in the evening for thought, group, and or individual time or one-on-one with Dr. Tindall.

Some LifeForce clients relaxing after camp.

LifeForce camps are kept deliberately small for a more casual and relaxed atmosphere and are designed to jump-start the new you – from the mental and physical to the nutrition and physiological aspects. From learning about health, fitness, training, and nutrition to becoming a better bodybuilder or athlete. The camps are specifically designed for specific groups and or individuals. They will be physically and mentally challenging. You’ll develop a new outer and a new inner you.

Initial trial cover of the book 90-Days to a New You.
Tanya, before and after the 90 days; she did
Dr. Tindall’s RWL diet for 2 weeks.

The 2017 Cover (click on photo to order or get
one free at LifeForce)

The LifeForce Camp knowledge and experience you gain will help you look better, feel better, and perform better in your personal, family, and professional life and, with greater energy. You will become more fit, a more skilled athlete, and more confident about yourself.

You will learn the what, why, when, and how of the secrets to weight loss and keeping it off and much more, including Dr. Tindall’s amazing RWL Program. You’ll get answers to the nutrition and fitness questions you’ve always wondered about, as well as how to build muscle (yeah, those hard to get thighs, delts, tris, and lats), increase speed, and a host of other topics and issues. And, you’ll learn some physical skills that will help you throughout your life.

I trained a 22-member female IFBB fitness and
figure team – some results.

By the end of Camp, you’ll know more about yourself, how to make good eating choices at home and on the go, as well as how to workout properly and be on a new road to improving every aspect of your life. Plus, you will learn how to integrate new habits, fully implement specific plans, and achieve goals as you begin visualizing, creating, and realizing your new life and, the new you. After the camp, Dr. Tindall will continue to help you move toward even greater progress.


Nutrition Made Simple (click to order or get
free at LifeForce)

How Does the LifeForce Camp Work?

LifeForce camp is taught via four options that are described below (options 1 and 2 are held in Denver, Colorado).

First Option: You can be a live-in trainee with Dr. Tindall for 5 days. This mini-camp is mini because only 1-2 individuals are allowed and it focuses more on individual training, mentoring, and lifestyle. You may either stay with Dr. Tindall in his guest room or in a nearby hotel. Transportation from and to the airport is easily arranged, as well as hotel stays. Dates and topics that you wish to be taught are scheduled 6-8 weeks in advance. Your days will be jam packed.

Second Option: A larger group is taught in the same manner as #1. However, stay is in nearby hotel(s) where you will be picked up each morning depending on location. You will be in a conference room initially for classroom training prior to physical training depending on weather. Currently, a maximum of only 10 students are allowed for option 2 – 6-8 weeks’ notice required. The number of participants for this option is expanded when scheduled at a health retreat. The health retreat option requires 12 weeks’ notice to schedule.

Third Option: This option is held in Utah in the outdoors where there is a wide variety of activities such as hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and other activities in addition to the activities in the Denver location. A maximum of 10-12 students is allowed with 8-10 weeks planning time.

Fourth Option: Dr. Tindall travels to your location. A minimum of 15-20 students is required and a minimum of 8-weeks’ notice.

Prices are dependent on location for all three options. Please contact Dr. Tindall for additional information.

Four Main Subjects Are Taught:
1. Health
2. Training
3. Fitness
4. Nutrition

This also includes learning how to prepare good foods, changing eating habits, etc. – a whole lifestyle makeover. Additional instruction is included and depends on individual goals.

Carla and Shawn took the live-in option. How do they look?

LifeForce Camp – pushups in City Park, Denver

A challenge portion of the camp includes two additional areas from the table below, which are designed to increase self-confidence. Only two additional subjects below, per camp, can be chosen – majority rules for larger camp numbers of participants. These subjects are designed to increase self-confidence:

Confidence SkillsOthers - Not Listed*
Automobile Safety – Awareness, Methods, Retreat
Backpack (selection and packing)
Fire Starting Methods
Growing Food and Herbs
Orienteering (Map & Compass)
Self -Defense Basics
Solar Stills for Cooking and Water Purification
Strategic Thinking – Processes, Content, Context
Warrior Psychology – you are a warrior
Water – Finding, treating, consuming
Wild Plants – Avoid or Consume
Wilderness First Aid
Wilderness Survival Practices – geography, clothing, skills
Women’s Self Defense

*Other skills are more combat and hard-core oriented and not for the average person. Please inquire about them if you wish to know more.

Why Invest Your Time in LifeForce Camp?

There’s only one guaranteed investment in life, and that’s you. That’s right, you.

You are the most important place you can put your time and money into, and yet, you are probably the one thing that tends to get neglected in life. It’s time to invest in yourself because by helping make your life better, you will by default make the lives better of everyone else around you.

Investing in yourself is the best way to ensure that you are well-taken care of in the future.

Why is investing in yourself so important? Besides being the person you need to spend the most time with, you are also the best example of seeing an immediate return on investment – interest compounded daily!

LifeForce will give you that immediate return on your investment. Not only that, the investment that you put into LifeForce is a gift that will keep giving your entire life.

Unlike other investments out there, investing in yourself is never a risk, because it always pays off. LifeForce is that investment, because it’s about YOU! You will continue earning interest daily from the concepts and knowledge you learn in LifeForce.

I look forward to seeing you in camp. Have a happy and healthy day. Dr. James Tindall, aka Jim.

Even Fido wants to get into the act. So, why not you?