HAIR CARE: How to pick a hair stylist?

Unless you’re an expert, you should consult a professional about your hair and the best way to maintain a healthy mane. Remember that the most important aspects are cut, style, and color. Short, long, layered, curly, or straight; your hair says a lot about you. Hairstyle is often the first impression a person may have of you. And, no matter who you are, you’ll have the occasional “bad hair day”. Learning more about styles and cuts can reduce the number of days this occurs.

Like many of you, my hair has been short, layered, curly, straight, long, highlighted, and spiked. I am grateful I have been in “good hands” with my hairstylist for ten years. I found her as most people find their stylist, I asked someone who had great looking hair and the style that goes with it.

If you are looking for a new stylist, I recommend asking everyone who cuts their hair, friend or acquaintance. That is of course, if you like the style. Be prepared to write the name of the stylist and the location of the salon down on paper otherwise, you will forget. The reason I suggest asking several people is because really good stylists are often “booked” weeks and months in advance and are not seeking, nor do they want a new client. Obtain several referrals and do your homework.

Use the same referral concept for color, often the stylist may specialize only in color and can refer you to a cut specialist.

Another good resource is magazines. Wow, there are multiple “hairstyle” magazines on the market. Peruse through them and find a cut, style, and color your like, they don’t have to be the same picture. You may also see a style and cut in a magazine article not dealing with beauty or related subjects. The point is that you can always be on the lookout for a style you like. Cut out the picture(s) or article, take it into a salon and ask which stylist has experience with this particular cut. Especially if you desire to change something drastically.

In summary, ask for some good referrals for a stylist, seek out a cut, color, and style you like then, pay a visit to a stylist to see if indeed he or she can give you the kind of hairstyle you desire. Follow these basic steps and you will not be disappointed!