30-Day Express Program

March (warm up and get the soreness out during the next couple of weeks) then, April through May 2023: 30-Day Express Program (to be repeated twice) – This is a Beginning Bodybuilding Workout designed for increasing workload and generating greater intensity on a progressive basis!

Happy training. As a beginning program, it is about level 3-4 in cardiovascular and physiological intensity. This program is designed for learning and becoming accustomed to training splits used in bodybuilding. It is important to take the time to learn each exercise thoroughly and build excellent technique. If you decide to try this program and find yourself lagging, slow it down a bit by reducing your reps and sets. Once you have worked at this level for six to eight weeks and feel your conditioning and recuperative powers will allow you to push harder, you can begin to add new or additional exercises until you are ready to push to an intermediate level. Feel free to contact us for basic help.

As always, each day will begin with warm-up exercises, followed by core lifts, and warm-down exercises. Remember, the number followed by / under sets, i.e., 5/ is the number of repetitions for that set. Also, don’t forget the rule of thumb, if the number/ remains the same for 2 or more sets, the weight load also remains the same but, when the number changes such as 5/ to 2/ then, you should increase the amount of weight you are using by 5-10% as a rule of thumb, but only if you can. Be mindful of good technique – always.

No cardiovascular exercises were added to this program. Please add your own if you wish to perform such. This program was designed with the help of ‘my workout‘ and is geared for the beginning bodybuilding athlete. It was designed this way to push you a little. Whether you add cardio or not, please adhere to all the reps, sets, and time listed for warmup/down. Each daily workout should be performed n 40-45 minutes max.

The workout is easily accessible by your smart phone or tablet. However, if you wish to print this program. Select all then, copy and paste into MS Word. Next, set layout to portrait and all margins – top, bottom, and sides – to 1/4 inch and print. Have a happy and healthy day.

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